Guard Tour

Patrol Management System (PMS) is Bluecard's patrol management software. It represents a convenient and powerful tool for patrol planning, hardware setting, report generation, as well as database maintenance.

Hytera patrol system solution is cost effective and easy to manage, but also increase quality of communication, accelerate data transmission and optimize working progress, which allows user to monitor real-time checking action, handle alarm in first time and manage patrol data efficiently. Moreover, open API, map import and other customization features are also available in Hytera patrol system solution.

Guard Tour Reader BP-2002S

Being patrol data collector, guard tour reader is a core element of Bluecard's intelligent guard tour system. BP-2002S reader is a most durable and easy-to-use device, thank to its button-free and three-layered structure design.

USB Communication Station BS-1000

Communication station is an important element of Bluecard's intelligent guard tour systems. BS-1000 station serves as a local communication interface between a PC and a guard tour reader. BS-1000 station is compliant with most Bluecard's guard tour reader models, e.g. BP-2002S, BP-2002F, etc.

Remote Communication Station BS-2000

BS-2000 station is a flexible tool to collect data from guard tours reader in adjacent or dispersed sites. Rely on its large Flash memory, supervisors or managers can download records from multiple readers first, and then take the station only to control centre, and transfer all records to database via USB. BS-2000 station is compliant with most Bluecard's guard tour reader models, e.g. BP-2002S, BP-2002F, etc.

Checkpoints are fixed points along patrol routes to help patrol management. Bluecard's checkpoints are based on 125KHz RFID tags. The tags are dust and water-proof. We have diversified models of tags that can be embedded, screwed or nailed, or adhered to non-metallic surfaces. These checkpoints are recommended tags to work with BP-2002 series guard tour readers, so as to enable operation performance.

RFID Guard Cards

Guard cards are unique IDs of patrol guard. Normally a guard must read his/her guard card at the start of a patrol, so that the software can show the patrol staff in reports. Our RFID guard cards have fob or credit card shapes.

RFID Event Wallets

Event wallets are portable booklets with RFID tags sealed. It helps patrol guards to make a simple recording on events. Client should pre-set events on tags of the event wallets in the software. During a tour, if the guard finds an incident, he/she just needs to read the relevant tags, then the records can be shown on reports automatically. There are multiple event wallets selectable for recording up to six, twelve, or more events.