DMR Applications / Hytera Patrol Software


Hytera patrol system solution is cost effective and easy to manage, but also increase quality of communication, accelerate data transmission and optimize working progress, which allows user to monitor real-time checking action, handle alarm in first time and manage patrol data efficiently. Moreover, open API, map import and other customization features are also available in Hytera patrol system solution.

Hytera patrol system solution consists of patroller ID card, patrol checkpoint and patrol radio PD41X. The patroller ID card and patrol checkpoint contain passive RFID tag and the radio installed RFID reader. All the RFID tags and reader provide open API for customization.

Most of Hytera's products, including repeater RD62X/RD96X/RD98X/RD98XS or mobile radio MD78X could work as receiving station in the patrol system.

Single site

Easy to deploy, cheap prices, reduce blind spot, recommending for commercial aspects.

Multi sites

Up to 3 repeaters can be connected by IP network with various applications, integrated guard tour work management, suggesting for professional customer.