DMR Applications / HyTracks


Professional Dispatch Solution

HyTracks System, developed by third party Company cooperated with Hytera, is a computer based dispatch solution that allows the integration of HYTERA radio system to a computer network. Communication between the control station (mobile radio) and HYTRACKS SERVER PC is made via USB cable to control data collection and two audio cables for voice transmit/recording. The user can access the radio system through the IP network, making it possible to operate from a local network or from anywhere in the world via Internet. HyTracks also contains a module called 'Remote Gateway'. It is an 'extension' of the main server. In other words, you can connect control stations to a remote PC that is connected via IP network to the main server, and operate these remote radios from your dispatch position.

Product Flexibility

- HyTracks Lite: For voice recording and dispatch only. No GPS features available.
- HyTracks: All voice and GPS features available.