Guard Tour / Guard Tour Reader BP-2002S


  • Constant auto-read
  • Shock and water proof
  • Minimum moveable parts
  • User replaceable Battery
  • CE and FCC Certified

  • Being patrol data collector, guard tour reader is a core element of Bluecard's intelligent guard tour system. BP-2002S reader is a most durable and easy-to-use device, thank to its button-free and three-layered structure design.

    BP-2002S can make proximity reading over 125KHz EMID tags and cards. On each read, the reader stores the tag IDs together with a time stamp in line with its internal clock.

    BP-2002S uses a wireless communication station to transfer data to PC. The reader is compliant with all Bluecard's station models, e.g. BS-1000, BS-3300, etc.

    Completely waterproof, accurate and secured data storage, low battery consuming, and many other advantages can also be expected on choosing BP-2002S.