Guard Tour / Patrol Management System Software


  • Integrated, secured, and easy to use
  • 3 level data access/change rights
  • Automatic or Manual Scheduling
  • Basic, patrol details, shift and more reports
  • Standalone and web-based versions available

  • Patrol Management System is Bluecard's patrol management software. It represents a convenient and powerful tool for patrol planning, hardware setting, report generation, as well as database maintenance.

    Patrol Management System software have several versions: basic, advanced, and web-based.

    The basic version covers the most frequently used patrol management functions, e.g. has three layers of data access and modification rights, makes patrol schedules automatically, can generate multiple types of patrol reports, enables switch between database, hardware calibration and initialization, and many more...This version is being widely used and accepted by our clients worldwide.

    The advanced version is more suitable for proficient computer users. As a naturally enhancement of the basic software, the advanced software further empowers users in deciding patrol schedules, and accordingly assess patrol results. Map (graphic) report is another extra benefit of the advanced version.

    For large scale installation, our web-based versions not only ensure efficiency on data processing, but also simplify data sharing to authorised interested parties.

    Bluecard's web-based software has both B/S and C/S structures. They provide perfect solutions for large scale patrol management, where data can be uploaded from different sites to the data centre, while authorized persons can also check the reports instantly from their local PCs.