Pagers / Unication NP30


NP-30 is a top-view numeric pager that combines multi-functionality with your daily activities, no matter it is personal life or work. You can apply NP-30 for every aspect that is based on easy operation mode. With the powerful function of auto-save message when the pager is off or while the battery is being changed, you won't miss any important messages, anymore.


  • Six Cap Codes (Addresses)
  • 16 Message Slots
  • Full Function Self Test
  • Program by RS232

  • Display

  • Backlight: In low-light conditions, the backlight makes the screen easy to read.
  • Capacity: 12 Digits and 4 icons on the LCD Screen.

  • Indicator/ Alert

  • Unread Message Indication
  • Out of range Indication
  • Low Battery Alert & Indication
  • Message Full Indication

  • Messaging

  • Message Display on LCD
  • Message Time Stamping
  • Message Full Indication
  • Selective Erase/ Erase All Message/s
  • Saves Message when the pager is off or when changing the battery
  • Unread Message Indication