Alpha Gold supports exciting capabilities in messaging and can become an animate part of your business area and personal life. Besides the basically 4-line display of the pager, it has strong zoom display of 4 lines to 2 lines for your clear viewing. Incorporated powerful functionality and advanced electronic communication and wireless technologies will bring your life into convenient messaging field.

The Alpha Elegant supports many new exciting functions. Besides the basic 4 line display it has a strong and customisable zoom display of four to two lines for very clear viewing. Incorporated, powerful functionality and advanced technology makes this pager finest to date.

NP30 is a top-view numeric pager that combines multi-functionality with your daily activities, no matter it is personal life or work. You can apply NP-30 for every aspect that is based on easy operation mode. With the powerful function of auto-save message when the pager is off or while the battery is being changed, you won't miss any important messages, anymore.

The Unication NP88 has a very readable display screen which shows the time and date. In low-light conditions, the backlight makes the screen easy to read. It has a personal alarm, 5 different alerts along with the vibrating, silent and chirp features.

DataPage 2 quickly found its place as a world leader in the design and performance criteria for a desktop radio paging system and was awarded the 'Best In Show' category at Telecoms Expo in the United States. Its compact design and stylish looks, coupled with its simplicity of operation make it THE desktop paging system to which others can only aspire.

PageTek 2 is an exceptionally flexible programmable UHF POCSAG transmitter, available as either 4 zone or 8 zone models, which will automatically send messages direct to radio pagers and signal to fixed receivers, when activated. The unit can be triggered by using the normally open or normally closed zone inputs on a volt free basis, or by the application or removal of voltages (in the range 5-14V dc). The mains powered system is available with optional battery back-up to cover in the event of mains failure.

The unit is housed in an ergonomic hi-impact casing and features a two digit backlit display with function icons for battery status, motion sensor activation, signal transmission, sounder and charging status. The display will back light when transmitting or altering the operational status.

The Scope DataTrack staff call system is THE system for the restaurant and hospitality trade. It provides a cost effective solution to a wide range of applications where individuals or groups need to be paged with a single button press. The transmitter can also be used to control a telemetry or telecommand receiver.

MAXPage is a stand-alone desktop paging terminal with the capacity to store up to 1000 pagers. Its large, backlit keypad and LCD allows you to send free-form numeric messages directly from the terminal as well as stored alphanumeric messages using the 4 onboard function keys.