Paging Systems / Scope DataTrack


The Scope DataTrack staff call system is THE system for the restaurant and hospitality trade. It provides a cost effective solution to a wide range of applications where individuals or groups need to be paged with a single button press. The transmitter can also be used to control a telemetry or telecommand receiver.

  • Designed for use primarily in Retail establishments to alert staff to specific problems

  • Eliminates the need for bells/lights and other obtrusive signalling methods

  • Ensures the right member of staff is informed of a specific problem the moment it occurs

  • Ideal for covert alerting of security staff

  • DataTrack Keypad Features:

  • Instant Plug & Play checkout units can be desk or wall mounted

  • 20 button wipe clean keypad with bespoke messages & corporate graphics

  • Small footprint: 130(W) x 220(L) x 90(H) mm

  • UHF radio will easily cover large, multi-floor stores without the need for repeaters

  • System Controller Features:

  • In built modem allows remote re-programming and diagnostics of all system parameters

  • Self monitoring of mains power, battery backup, transmitter health and signal jamming

  • Optional telephone interface allows all pagers on the system to be called from any internal telephone

  • Full maintenance contracts, including on-line diagnostics and re-programming service, available to suit.