Paging Systems / Commtech Wireless Maxpage


MAXPage is a stand-alone desktop paging terminal with the capacity to store up to 1000 pagers. Its large, backlit keypad and LCD allows you to send free-form numeric messages directly from the terminal as well as stored alphanumeric messages using the 4 onboard function keys.

  • Inbuilt Transmitter
  • Available in VHF or UHF, the inbuilt transmitter can be programmed using the keypad frequency. Select 2 or 4 Watts of power to give you up to 1 mile range.

  • Alphanumeric Paging (Optional)
  • For those companies that require alphanumeric paging, MAXPage has a keyboard port. To send alphanumeric messages or configure the MAXPage terminal, simply plug in the optional MAXPage keyboard.

  • Telephone Port (Optional)
  • MAXPage can be connected to a telephone port so that anyone can dial into the terminal to send messages remotely. Callers are greeted by a series of voice prompts that guide the caller through the simple message dispatch process. RS232 / Serial Interface (Optional) MAXPage also includes a serial port which can be used to receive and relay messages from any device that sends messages in TAP, Visiplex, COMP, Scope or TEKK protocols. MAXPage seamlessly transmits these messages as they arrive.

    Features of MAXPage

  • 1000 Pager Capacity
  • Up to 1 Mile Range
  • Numeric, Alphanumeric & Voice Paging
  • Voice-Prompted Telephone Interface
  • Serial Interface (RS232)
  • 4 Alarm Inputs
  • Windows Interface

  • Alarm Inputs
  • MAXPage contains four dry contact alarm inputs. Once an alarm is activated, a predefined 20 character alphanumeric message is sent to a pager, or group of pagers. If the alarm is not reset within a predetermined time, the alarm message can be escalated to another pager or group.