Paging Systems / Scope PageTek 2


PageTek 2 is an exceptionally flexible programmable UHF POCSAG transmitter, available as either 4 zone or 8 zone models, which will automatically send messages direct to radio pagers and signal to fixed receivers, when activated. The unit can be triggered by using the normally open or normally closed zone inputs on a volt free basis, or by the application or removal of voltages (in the range 5-14V dc). The mains powered system is available with optional battery back-up to cover in the event of mains failure.

  • Multi-zone programmable on-site paging or telemetry system

  • 4 and 8 zone models, fully programmable activation (N/O, N/C or Change of State). Hardware configurable as either voltage or 'dry' switched inputs

  • Alphanumeric or Numeric messaging, or both on the same system

  • Also available on telemetry frequencies (DIGILINK models) to work with the RX10 fixed telemetry receivers.

  • Mains powered and 12-14VDC input versions available

  • Ranges of up to a mile with basic antenna shown

  • UHF POCSAG signalling format ensures excellent propagation even in difficult environments

  • Optional serial interface kit (EPTPROG) complete with PC menu driven software gives users the ability to program almost every conceivable system parameter

  • Standby current of less than 300 Micro Amps, therefore ideal for battery operation

  • Adjustable trigger times, delays, alarm repeats, inter-dependent zone operation and 24 hour zones are all programmable options